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Silent auction a success

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 • Bill • General
Silent auction considered social event of the year...

Twas the night of the auction, and all through the home

many were prepping, and I wrote a small tome.

Food to prepare, and baskets galore,

who would know what fun was in store?

Stuff to bid on, and good stuff to boot-

many would be coming to dispense with their loot.

Great food, cool friends, and really good fun,

Good grief, too quickly the evening's all done!

Counted the cash, the checks, and with care,

2,200 with some change to spare!

Rhyming Congo, or Africa, or Kinshasa is hard!

My powers are limited in the realm of a bard.

So the end of this piece is clearly at hand,

God bless you all, the auction ended as planned!

A huge thank you Asanate sana! (Swahili) to the crew who made this all happen.

A big Febla-lo (Sele) to John and Sue Fox, hosts of the event, and for Sue who was the primary promoter and pulled everything together.

How about a loud Shukran katir (Chadian Arabic) to Alyssa, Amanda, and Austin their children who added their own energy to the program. 

A special meda ase why (Twi) to Karen Pecota for her culinary magic and the wonderful spread she prepared for the evening.
To everyone who made donations, who without them there would be no auction at all, as they say in Ghana "Tomorrow morning when you hear the cock crow, it is us saying thank you!"  

Finally, a huge akpe ka ka ka (Ewe) to those who came, who saw, and who spent.

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